Our mission through the love of Pilates is to make our Clients feel absolutely amazing! To be 'able', see and feel progress, feel stronger, help and empower others. We want to elevate the qualify of our Clients lives, reducing or alleviating pain, ensuring happy and smiling faces walk away from all of our classes and every individual feels the benefit. Our vision is to spread the love, create a community of like-minded individuals and exude integrity, honesty and passion.


Corinne Hutchinson - Coz


Hi. My name is Coz and I am a level 3 Pilates teacher, specialising on the Reformer, Mat, Bench, Wunda Chair and MOTR®. My Pilates journey started due to a herniated disc in my back. Through self-management and the practice of Pilates, it is no longer an issue. This is just one of the reasons why I love Pilates and want to help others whatever their body goals may be!
I was first introduced to the MOTR® back at Pilates on Tour in 2019 when I could not help but want to learn more. 
I love how adaptable, versatile, challenging and fun the MOTR® is as well as how it makes the entire body work with every exercise. Being able to transport the equipment to different classes allows equipment Pilates to become more accessible to everyone. I look forward to welcoming you in our classes.

Jodi Roberts


Hi I'm Jodi and I am a level 3 mat Pilates teacher, I am also qualified in Wunda Chair Reformer/Bench and MOTR®. As a Pilates teacher we never stop learning.

I am a mum to two amazing boys, a wife and have probably the best dog in the world called Bear! 

I am my happiest when I'm teaching Pilates and helping my clients to get the most out of their session. I absolutely love teaching on the MOTR®, it's a revelation! You can achieve so much on the MOTR®, while encouraging proper alignment and healthy movement patterns, it is by far the most efficient way to exercise! I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. I know your body will.